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TIADA SIAPA YANG SAYANG PADA MEREKA: Mereka yang dimaksudkan ialah Patrick Lim (bergambar bersama anak Pak Lah, Kamaluddin), tuanpunya Equine Capital, dan Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan (bersama rakan kongsi), Timbalan Pengerusi New Straits Times Malaysia Berhad.
Mengikut laporan Straits Times Singapore, kedua-dua mereka mengambil keputusan meletakkan jawatan berikutan keputusan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk meletakkan jawatan Mac tahun hadapan.
Kedua-dua jelas menjadi bahan cemuhan blogger. Kalimullah kerana dikatakan menggunakan kedudukan beliau di New Straits Times untuk memecahbelahkan pemimpin Umno demi kepentingan peribadi dan perniagaan dan Patrick Lim kerana menjadi kroni kepada Abdullah.
Di kalangan ahli-ahli Umno, Kalimullah akan menerima musibah sekiranya terus kekal bersama New Straits Times sementara Patrick Lim, demi masadepan syarikat beliau, mengambil keputusan meletakkan jawatan.
Siapa Patrick Lim? Malaysiakini pernah menyiarkan satu rencana mengenai beliau. Berikut ialah rencana yang disiarkan Malaysiakini pada bulan September lepas. Rencana Malaysiakini.
Who is Patrick Lim aka ‘Patrick Badawi’?
Sep 28, 06 7:25pm
Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad made a startling revelation last week that two individuals were ‘ruling’ the state of Terengganu.They were businessman Patrick Lim (pix) - whom Mahathir referred to in jest as ‘Patrick Badawi’ - and Khairy Jamaluddin, the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
According to the former premier, Lim is a close associate of his successor. So who exactly is Patrick Lim? Just like Abdullah, the 40-year-old businessman hails from the northern state of Penang.
The son of a well-known figure in horse racing, Lim - who is of mixed parentage - is a major player in the real estate industry.
The passion for horses runs in the blood and it remains as the symbol of his company, Equine Capital Bhd, whose headquarters is in Seri Kembangan. He has three major projects, one of them in Batu Kawan, Penang.
This project is included in the development of the second Penang bridge and consists of a housing-cum-commercial complex known as Crescentia Park. Crescentia Park will be developed as Penang’s third satellite city. The project, expected to be completed by 2015, covers an area of 450 acres.
The gross development value (GDV) and development cost are estimated at RM860 million and RM636 million respectively. Early this month, Abdullah had visited the project and Lim was present to brief him on it.
Crescentia Park will be accessible via the second bridge - mooted by the current administration. Apart from this, Lim has also obtained the right to design and reconstruct the Penang Turf Club at an estimated cost of RM375 million.
The Turf Club will be shifted to Batu Kawan from its present location in Georgetown. Monsoon Cup The businessman is also in charge of the Monsoon Cup - an annual sailboat race conceived by the prime minister - which is held in Terengganu’s Pulau Duyong. The RM200 million project includes the building of chalets on the island.
The Monsoon Cup has attracted numerous celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and her fiancee Jean Todt, who is the chief executive officer of the Ferrari F1 team. Todt owns two bungalows on the island.
According to recent media reports, Jackie has also expressed interest in purchasing property there. The Hong-Kong action hero had recently visited the island upon receiving an invitation from Lim.
Yesterday, malaysiakini reported that villagers in the two Pulau Duyong islands have not received any benefits from the Monsoon Cup. Apart from making pittance from stalls that sell tidbits and drinks, the locals said their lives have not changed. “The people of Pulau Duyong get nothing. We just look at the rich build their big houses,” lamented a local Umno leader.
Perletakan jawatan Kalimullah dan Patrick Lim (Singapore Straits Times): http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking+News/SE+Asia/Story/STIStory_289194.html

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