Monday, October 27, 2008


SIAPA dibelakang portal berita (news portal) pro-Pak Lah Malaysian Insider?

Blogger Pasquale melalui blog beliau Barking Magpie mendedahkan siapa di belakang portal tersebut. Menurut Pasquale:

"P.S. I was told, and if I am wrong I apologise, The Malaysian Insider involves people like Kalimullah Hassan, Brenden Pereira, and there is even one Malay writer who is a Christian-convert. This portal is working for the interests of KJ. Oh yes, on this Christian convert Malay, maybe one day I will produce a picture of him in a church in Sabah praying. I have nothing against Christians seriously, but I am so baffled as to why this short Malay person hates his ethnic background so much. Wonder what his childhood might have been. But I can gather this much, his childhood must have been a a very sad one. Cheers! "

Pasquale (Barking Magpie):

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