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Rocky’s Bru dan beberapa blogger lain menghentam Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia atas tindakan menghalang website Raja Petra Kamaruddin dari dilayari oleh pelayar-pelayar internet. (

Seorang blogger menggunakan perkataan “idiot” (tolol atau dungu) dalam mengkritik tindakan SKMM itu.

Rocky’s Bru pula memilih tajuk “Google, Go Away” seolah-olah meminta Google membatalkan cadangannya untuk membuka pengkalan datanya di Malaysia semata-mata kerana website Raja Petra dihalang dari dilayari pelayar-pelayar internet.

Apakah “dosa” Raja Petra sehingga beliau perlu di perjuangkan oleh blogger lain?

Setelah melayari website Malaysia Today, agak memeranjatkan pabila mendapati Raja Petra membenarkan komen-komen pelayar yang berunsur fitnah dan menghina agama Islam disiarkan di website beliau.

Persoalannya, bukankah tanggungjawab Raja Petra memelihara kesucian agama Islam dan mengelakkan unsur-unsur fitnah dan isu menyentuh perasaan orang Islam tidak disiarkan?

Di dalam satu artikel bertajuk “Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet", perasaan Jelapang terguris pabila membaca komen-komen di dalam website Malaysia Today.


Berikut ialah komen-komen pembaca yang dipetik dari article “Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet. (

Komen 1: written by HARIMAU BIN ABDULLAH, August 24, 2008 12:53:40
Arabs are descendants of PIGS. That is why they do not eat pork, although many of the new generation eat pork, and drink pig's urine. Some even **** and sodomise pig. They are all faked mulims, and now yet the people of bolehland blindly follow them.

Komen 2: written by Anti Jihadist, August 26, 2008 11:02:44
RPK's title of the piece, "Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet", of course assumes that his prophet, Mohammed, is a moral person. I suppose that depends on what your definition of 'moral' is. If 'moral' means supporting a religion by robbing others, consummating a marriage with a nine-year old girl, having critics and apostates executed, having a contemptible opinion of women, and raking in huge profits from the slave trade, then yes, Mohammed was a very 'moral' person. It appears, then, that Muslims like RPK are using the term "moral" in a very unique way. In this uniquely Muslim sense of the term, the word "moral" is defined as "whatever Mohammad does." Thus, if Mohammad were to chop off the heads of hundreds of people (which he did), this act would still be defined as a moral act, since Mohammad did it, and anything Mohammad does is, by definition, "moral".

If God's greatest prophet is free to take part in murder, robbery, genocide, and slave-trading, can we really point a finger at people like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and say that they are evil? They killed many innocents, but so did Mohammad. Saddam tortured countless people, but so did Mohammad. In fact, one could make a case that Osama bin Laden is morally superior to Mohammad, for, while bin Laden killed thousands of people, he didn't sell their wives and children into slavery, or have sex with a little girl, or marry more than a dozen women. The truth about Mohammad has been one of the world's best-kept secrets. For centuries, it has been virtually impossible to raise objections about the character of Mohammad in Muslim countries, for anyone who raised such objections would (following the example set by Mohammad himself) immediately be killed. Outside the Muslim world, there has been little interest in Islam, and those who have been interested have typically relied on modern Muslim reports about Mohammad. But things have changed. Now many people are interested in Islam, and Muslims aren't able to silence everyone. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, it is now impossible to keep Mohammad's life a secret. The facts about the founder of Islam are spreading very rapidly, and Muslims are frantically scurrying to defend their faith. But the information superhighway is paving over the ignorance that has for centuries been the stronghold of Islamic dogma. In the end, Islam will fall, for the entire structure is built upon the belief that Mohammad was the greatest moral example in history, and this belief is demonstrably false.

Komen 3: written by Lembing, August 27, 2008 06:23:07
ANTI JIHADIST Obviously you have chosen to ignore the various claims that :- 1. Mary was not a virgin 2. Jesus did not died on the cross, instead he migrated to somewhere in Europe and that his remains was found buried. That means he did not resurrect. What have to say to all these ridiculous and preposterous claims???

Komen 4: written by HARIMAU BIN ABDULLAH, August 27, 2008 13:13:17
Prophet committed a lot of sins, including forcing an underage girl to be his wife. The Arabs are worst, and committed even worst kind of sins. Needless to say those who ape the Arabs, including people from Swearland, are unfit to be human.

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