Thursday, June 12, 2008


GAJI RM100,000?: Dalam keadaan rakyat merana dan mengeluh kenaikan harga minyak, sebuah GLC menaikkan gaji CEO nya dari RM50,000 ke RM100,000 sebulan. Blogger Rocky's Bru melaporkan:

CEO & CFO of a GLC to get 100% wage increase?!

B l a t a n t. I hope what I heard is not true, that the CEO/President of this major Government-Linked Company, together with his Chief Financial Officer, are going to get a 100 per cent increase in their pay package!If the CEO is getting a RM50,000 package now, he'll be getting RM100,000 a month. If the CFO is getting RM25,000 now, his package will swell to RM50,000!!!If it's true that the Board of Directors of Tenaga Nasional Berhad has approved the increment (because that's what I have just heard, and they are just awaiting Pak Lah's approval as Finance Minister), all the Government's talk about saving cost and changing lifestyles because of the higher petrol/diesel prices will sound so very hollow.And the July tariff rate increase already approved for this GLC will face the greatest opposition of all time.
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Anonymous said...


jelas sekali yang kaya mahu terus kaya tanpa sedikit pun belas kasihan kepada yang serba kekurangan apatah lagi yang tidak berkemampuan.

tarif letrik bakal naik bulan depan dan pemimpinnya sudah mula mengira wang yang bakal memenuhi akaun bank mereka.

tidak berperikemanusiaan adalah gambaran tepat untuk pemimpin sedemikian.

teruskan pendedahan seperti ini.

Anonymous said...

Blatant inhuman and disrespectful human being that has been entrusted to be the guardian of Government's asset.

These people do not live in reality that discount `shamefulness' and care for other fellow human being. They should live in Pol Pot's time.

Shame on you two!!

Ramli Mohd Yunus