Saturday, June 14, 2008


TUDUHAN SERIUS: Blogger Rocky's bru menyiarkan satu komen yang mengandungi tuduhan yang serius. Berikut adalah komen yang disiarkan oleh saudara Rocky (

Brother Rock,Please be informed guys.. The chairman of TNB Board of Director (Tan Sri Leo Moggie) will definitely approve the 100% salary of these both Che' Khalid (CEO) and Izzaiddin (CFO). DO you know why???? Because CEO has approved the project worth more than RM35mil direct nego to Michael Kalum Leo Moggie (who is the son of the Chairman) for TNB Scada project. The company is InControl Tech Sdn Bhd (414225-K) formerly known as VA Tech Sdn Bhd which was never disclosed by The Chairman in TNB's Annual Report that required by KLSE listing and s131 of company Act.Although InControl has been doing the business with TNB for many years prior to Leo Moggie's appointment. But it is not after his appointment as the chairman , InControl appointed his son to become the director of Incontrol Sdn Bhd on 26 Aug 2005. During the last 2 years, the company has been awarded with more than RM30mil worth of contracts (one of them contract number TNB 413/2005 for supply and delivery of a SCADA system worth of RM15mil) by CEO and until today still award them through Direct negotiation for few other contracts. The chairman until today, still has not been disclosed for the beneficiary of the contract in TNB annual report. and Both The chairman and CEO signed off the report.It was told by TNB staff that his son keep on pushing and pressure to give other projects thru his father's position and with assistance of CEO.This is only one case that TNB under new Duo team (CEO and CFO) have done. Go and check more about SComi direct nego done by them foe the fleet of the coal worth of RM20mil per month and of course Remote Meter Reading worth RM90 mil though the company xyz not the lowest price and bragged abt it how CEO has helped him to the market.. Spread the truth to the market abt CEO and CFO...There are so many talks about all these in TNB.. just need to ask.. ALl the details will surge. Soon or later when the time is right, BPR will visit CEO and CFO when their contract are abt to expire.. from LIGHTENING
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