Thursday, June 5, 2008


Berikut ialah reaksi kenaikan harga petrol.

* Thousands of people would be mobilised for a mass protest against the shocking increase in fuel prices at the iconic KLCC Twin Towers on July 12.
Organisers Coalition Against Inflation (Protes) hopes to gather 100,000 people to call on the government to reduce fuel prices to its original levels before the hike today.
"We believe that with such a drastic hike in fuel prices, we will get the support of the masses."This is not similar to the Bersih rally. It's going to be bigger. The impact would be bigger." - PROTES COORDINATOR DR HATTA RAMLI.

* The government tells the people to adopt to a more prudent lifestyle but they are hypocrites. I give you one example. Last week, Federal Territories Minister (Zulhasnan Rafique), Kuala Lumpur Mayor (Abdul Hakim Borhan) and some 15 officers went on an expensive trip to Berlin, London and Vancouver. And the reason for the trip is simply to learn administrative matters. How can you tell the people to change their lifestyle when the wasteful lifestyle of the government is not changed?" - CHERAS MP TAN KOK WAI.

* While the people were suffering from the price hikes, national oil company Petronas was still making profits which were being utilised elsewhere. Even the Parliament is not told of their financial status. Only the prime minister knows. And the results are various mega projects and economic corridors. We strongly object the Umno-BN government's irresponsible policies which has failed the people... they should stand down." - DATUK SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM.

* I urge government leaders to show leadership by example in curbing the use of official vehicles as the rakyat has to pay for their travel cost.Many of the official government vehicles use engines above 2000cc. To compound the problem, when the prime minister or one of the ministers goes for a function, an entourage often accompanies him or her, thereby increasing the use of vehicles. Is all this really necessary? - CAP PRESIDENT SM MOHAMED IDRIS.

* The government is ‘stupid’ for repeatedly saying that our new petrol retail price of RM2.70 is low when compared to other countries in the region. As a raw oil producing nation, Malaysia should be compared with other oil exporters such as UAE (RM1.19 per litre), Egypt (RM1.03 per litre), Kuwait (RM0.67 per litre), Saudi Arabia (RM0.38 per litre), Nigeria (RM0.32 per litre) and Venezuala (RM0.16 per litre). To compare prices with Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia is obviously flawed. - DATIN SERI WAN AZIZAH WAN ISMAIL.

* Tthe increase was too drastic and sudden for many manufacturers.This sudden increase in electricity tariffs could cause them to lose a lot of money. Instead of a single increase they should have broken it into three stages. That way, the exporters will have enough time to adjust their pricing. -- ASSOCIATED CHINESE CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF MALAYSIA WILLIAM CHENG.

* Kenaikan ini menyakitkan, tetapi sakitnya lebih dirasai bukan kerana kenaikan dari segi peratusan adalah lebih tinggi daripada negara-negara maju, tetapi kerana cara kenaikan tersebut dibuat. Beberapa hari lepas Kerajaan putuskan untuk haramkan penjualan minyak kepada kenderaan milik asing. Tunggang. Sekarang kenderaan asing dibenar membeli semula. Terbalik!Mengetahui yang ianya akan menaikkan harga minyak dalam beberapa hari dan orang asing akan dibenar membeli, kenapa Kerajaan tidak menunggu sahaja daripada keluaran arahan larangan dan kemudian benarkan semula. Saya percaya umum terpaksa menerima kenaikan harga petrol. Tetapi apa yang menimbulkan kemarahan ialah jumlah kenaikan serta keadaan tergesa-gesa. Perdana Menteri sebelum ini seolah-olah mencadangkan kenaikan hanya pada bulan Ogos, tetapi ianya datang dua bulan lebih awal, sejurus selepas pengharaman penjualan kepada orang asing. - DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD.

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