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Ketika Utusan Malaysia menyiarkan satu artikel yang membawa tajuk "Bangkitlah Melayu", ramai yang menghentam Utusan Malaysia termasuk beberapa pemimpin Umno.

Khamis lalu, Sin Chew, akhbar Cina terlaris di Malaysia menyiarkan artikel berikut. Menarik juga sekiranya kita dapat mendengar reaksi pemimpin Umno terhadap artikel ini.

Malay group publishing Chinese dailies?

Hopefully, we will see a Malay group, such as the Utusan Group or NST Group, publish a Chinese-language newspaper very soon.

Perhaps, this could meet the expectations of some of our Malay compatriots, with the hope that the "narrow-mindedness" and "wrongful concepts" of Chinese society could be rectified.

Besides, it should also satisfy some of the nationalist fighters who think "a Malay publisher is qualified to dictate the way Chinese newspapers should be headed to."

Most importantly, it will inculcate a culture of "gratitude" among the Chinese, who should be thankful to the merciful generosity of "other people" for being able to make a living and hold an identity card here.

The publishing of this Chinese daily by a Malay group should end the "narrow-based" coverage on issues such as Chinese primary schools, independent secondary schools and the Chinese language. Besides, the "erroneous" disclosures of government irregulairites and monitoring of government policies will all be halted.

Going further, the Chinese community will no longer make a fuss about building more Chinese primary schools, demanding more qualified Chinese teachers, government recognition of the unified examinations or fair distribution of scholarships.

Moreover, Chinese Malaysians will firmly support the New Economic Policy, and defend the bumiputra quotas and privileges.

And the Chinese will no longer believe in freedom, democracy, equality, justice, human rights and stuff like that.

Such things have been manipulated by the existing Chinese newspapers in collaboration with the Western media to create havoc in our society.

All of a sudden Utusan Malaysia begins to get concerned about Chinese newspapers. The media group made a special effort to probe the contents of Chinese papers published between 8 and 13 June, and discovered that these newspapers did not accept the mainstream thoughts of the country, still living in their own world and failing to see the prevailing environment!

To these patriots, Chinese newspapers are good for nothing where nation-building is concerned, unlike Utusan Malaysia which has since the colonial days been fighting for independence, changing the destiny of the Malays, and consolidating the leadership of the same.

Shouldn't Chinese journalists be ashamed of themselves and support the publication of a Chinese daily, or better still a few dailies, by a Malay group?

Weirdly, so "un-mainstream" Chinese newspapers are, their combined circulation has surpassed that of Malay and English dailies. Sin Chew Daily's circulation is larger than any of the mainstream Malay or English newspapers, Utusan Malaysia included.

I am also amazed that "narrow-minded" as they are, Chinese newspapers would carry news and editorials on PAS and PKR, even UMNO, much more generously than mainsteam Malay newspapers!

The number of reporters despatched by Sin Chew Daily and the coverage it carried during the UMNO and PAS general assemblies easily send the editors of Malay and English dailies in awe.

How could the Chinese newspapers constantly blamed for all the "wrongful concepts" carry so many incidents of administrative injustice and malpractices, yet get involved in so many cultural and charitable events?

If Chinese publishers are so useless, perhaps we should enlist the help of Malay publishing groups! (By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)
MySinchew 2009.06.25

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