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January 29, 2013-8:30 AM


MyWatch chief: Cop threatened to shoot me

PETALING JAYA: A policeman from the Jelebu police headquarters allegedly threatened to shoot the chairman of anti-crime watchdog MyWatch early this morning, minutes after he informed Bukit Aman of illegal gambling outlets operating in the area.
R Sri Sanjeevan told FMT he had been staking out the illegal gambling outlets in Simpang Pertang alone, waiting for the district police to act on his tip off, when he received a threatening call at 3.43am from a Malay man.
According to Sanjeevan’s police report, the man had demanded in Malay: “who are you, are you drunk, why did you call Bukit Aman, do you think we don’t know what we are doing? I want you to leave that area or I will go there and arrest you or shoot you.”
When Sanjeevan asked who the man was, he allegedly replied: “I am a police officer from IPD Jelebu! If you have the guts, come to IPD Jelebu now!”
Sanjeevan said he immediately called Bukit Aman and was told that the information would be passed on to the Negeri Sembilan contingent police headquarters.
But no response came and Sanjeevan lodged a police report at 4.55am at the Jelebu district police headquarters over the matter.
“The investigating officer confirmed that the number [from the death threat] belongs to IPD Jelebu,” Sanjeevan told FMT.
“So they are narrowing it down and will charge the perpetrator for criminal intimidation. I doubt the case will stick, but the public needs to know that police give death threats as well.”
Sanjeevan said he was certain the man who issued the death threat was a police officer intent on protecting the illegal gambling outlets there, which he said had been operating for two years.
“It was just a four minute difference [from when I informed the police about the outlets]. Within four minutes, I get a threatening call.So who do you think it is?”
Police protecting illegal gambling outlets
Sanjeevan explained that he had gone undercover at 2.50am as a customer of the outlets based on information he received from a source.
“I have been getting complaints too often [over the illegal gambling outlets and] have relayed it to police but they failed so I went down personally,” he told FMT.
“Too many families getting ruined because of this gambling here and too many fights here too,” he said
But Sanjeevan said that despite calling Bukit Aman and the Negeri Sembilan police contingent headquarters multiple times as he staked out the area for over an hour, all he received in return was a death threat.
“I called Bukit Aman first because I thought if the order comes from there, they would act faster. From there, the order would go to the Contingent Control Centre, then to the District Control Centre,” explained Sanjeevan.
But just as he was about to leave the area at 4.15 am to lodge a report over the death threat, he said he spotted three policemen at the entrance of the illegal gambling outlets, smoking and speaking to the staff there.
“They didn’t bother to act or arrest anyone there. I noticed [a] total [of] 15 shops operating as illegal gambling outlets entrance at the back lane,” Sanjeevan had written in his police report.
He told FMT that there was no reason for the police to hesitate in raiding the area or even wait to gather further information as the outlets were clearly operating illegally.
“I urge the Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar to investigate this matter and I strongly believe officers in IPD Jelebu are protecting the illegal gambling outlets here by not taking action against them,” he said.

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