Friday, October 9, 2015


How much more can Malaysians take?

Dear YAB DS Najib Razak,

Where are you steering our country to?

First you unjustly & arbitrarily detained a Politician.
Now you're going after his lawyer as well?!

SOSMA was designed to detain TERRORISTS who pose a direct threat to our national security,
not to supress dissenters!

I once defended the need for Malaysia to adopt the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA),
now i'm almost certain that this will also be misused in the future to arbitrarily detain political dissenters.

How in the world do you expect to resolve the trust-deficit which you're plagued with...

You expelled your vocal Colleagues,
You derailed the PAC,
You arbitrarily dismissed the Attorney General,
You interfered in MACC affairs through continous intimidation,
You supressed news portals which unraveled the scandal,
You quashed dissenters through a law intended for terrorists,
You haven't sued news portals which you claimed that you would,

*the list continues*

I guess you really do not care about "the trust-deficit" which you're facing or the prospects of sinking Malaysia down with you,

In the end, it's all about you and not about Malaysia.

That's a national disgrace,
You are a national disgrace.

JELAPANG: Rupa-rupanya lulusan Oxford pun boleh tenggelam dek lulusan UIA.


Anonymous said...

Top debater. With or without substance is another story. Just like the other guy whom I know is also a good debater, unfortunately that is all he is good at, debating.

Unknown said...

Siapa yang lulusan oxford itu???

Anonymous said...

What about you? You are just a newborn debater!

Let the PM do his work and you just shut it up!!!

Nasib baik UIA ambik kau, kalau tidak tak laku pun.

Anonymous said...

Alahai...setakat pandai debater konon.
Kuat cakap tapi tak kerja takde solution nak buat apa?

pro rakyat said...

kesian aku pada semua penjilat umno dan najib lah freedom to speech utk siapa pon rakyat malaysia, jgn nak jd penjilat tanpa guna kan kepala otak yg waras