Tuesday, March 11, 2014


  1. PENGERUSI DAP, Karpal Singh dijatuhkan hukuman denda RM4,000 oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur hari ini. Hilang status Ahli Parlimen. 

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Anonymous said...

Si PENDATANG BANGSATDAPBANGKAI RASIS ni jatuh setelah hukuman dijatuhkan, disyaki nak menagih simpati, mcm. MO biasanya! Nanti, mungkin diharapnya Barat akan mengecam M'sia!

Awatlah tak MAMPOS lagi si BANGSAT ni! Dan lihat GERTAKAN si BANGKAIDAP ini tak akan menyerahkan kerusi parlimennya, yg. jelas MELANGGAR undg-undg, sebab bila didenda $4,000 kena buat begitu. Apakah KDN akan berdiam diri bila puak si DAPBANGKAI boleh melanggar undg-undg sesuka hati ?!

Lihat di http://www.nst.com.my/latest/karpal-fined-rm4-000-for-seditious-remark-1.507400:

11 March 2014

Karpal fined RM4,000 for seditious remark

By Hidir Reduan

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court fined DAP chairman and Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament (MP) Karpal Singh RM4,000 for committing sedition against the Sultan of Perak five years ago.
Judge Datuk Paduka Azman Abdullah Azman ruled that even after taking into account Karpal's health and his 45-year service as a lawyer, the principles of sentencing must not be equivalent to "ant bites."

"Every offence must be given a deterrent sentence for public interest. This is so the accused will not commit the offence daily without fear,” he said.

"However, due to the special circumstance of the accused, this court does not wish to impose a custodial sentence."

Azman then fined Karpal RM4,000. He however he did not specify the default jail term Karpal had to serve if the fine was not paid.

As voices began to rise in reaction to the sentencing, Azman stood up, bowed and left.
When met after the proceedings, Malaysian Bar president Christopher Leong said under normal circumstances, the Federal Constitution specifies an MP was disqualified if he was fined more than RM2,000 or sentenced to jail for more than a year.

"However, a sitting MP will not be disqualified until he had exhausted all avenues of appeal," said Leong, who held a watching brief for the Malaysian Bar.

Gobind Singh Deo, Karpal's counsel and son, said that an appeal would be filed soon against conviction and sentence.

"The sentence is unduly harsh. One has to understand the context in which the statement (by Karpal which formed the basis of the sedition charge) was made. He was merely carrying out his duty as an MP," he said.

The fine was paid.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who was present in court, said he was disappointed with the verdict due to its repressive nature.

Karpal, surrounded by supporters and his wife Gurmit Kaur, said he would continue to do his duty as an MP despite the sentencing.....

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